Indo Power Crane - 20

  • 4-Part telescopic boom.
  • Aesthethically design spacious cabin with ergonomic controls for ease of operation & visibility.
  • Robust chassis for more relliability.
  • Steering cylinder of 880 mm stroke to ensure proper steering even in loose, sandy & rocky terrains.
  • Heavy duty transmission.
  • Top Traveling speed 30 Kmph for faster inter-site movements.
  • Heavy duty Hydraulic Winch with integrated safely brakes.
  • High ground clearance.


Indo Power Crane - 20

Model & Type Indo Farm 3090 DI (TC) ; 4 Cylinder, Diesel Engine Rated power 85 hp.
Type Eight forward and two reverse speeds with high and low selector.
Operational Timing
Steering (lock to lock) 6-9 Secs
Boom Raising 22-25 Secs
Boom Lowering 13-16 Secs
Telescoping Extension in 13-16 Secs
Telescoping Extension out 26-29 Secs
Hoist Line Speed 55 m/min. (Single line)
Front 12.00x20 - 18 PR (Four Nos.)
Rear 14.00x25 - 20 PR (Two Nos.)
Telescoping Four part, 2nd & 3rd parts are actuated by hydraulic cylinders and 4th part by rope mechanism
Derricking Through two double acting cylinders.
Operating Weight
Weight 15300 Kg