Main features

  • Power Steering
  • Heavy 1800 Kgs Lift
  • Oil Immersed Brakes
  • Heavy Duty Front Axle
  • Reverse PTO
  • DC Valve
  • Dual Clutch
  • Dry Air Cleaner
  • Front Weight


Indo farm 3055 DI

4 Cyl, 60 HP

The Power of 4


Features Download

  • Straight Rear Axle

  • 8+2 Speed Gear Box

  • Heavy 1800 kgs Lift

  • Hydraulic Steering

  • Epicyclic Reduction

  • Oil immersed Brakes

  • Aerodynamic Design

  • Dry Air Cleaner


Model 2WD 4WD
H.P. Range 60
Type Diesel, Four Stroke Direct Injection
No. of Cylinders Four
Bore/Stroke 105/118 mm
Rated Speed 2200 RPM
Air Cleaner Dry Type
Fuel Pump Inline, Make : Bosch India
Cooling System Water cooled
Clutch System i) Dual
ii) Main Clutch Disc Cerametallic
Hyd. Pump Gear Type
Lifting Capacity 1800 kg at Lower Link Ends
Electrical 12 Volts-88 Ah-Battery
Self Starter Motor & Alternator
Front 7.50x16 9.50 x 24
Rear 16.9x28 16.9 x 28
Wheel Track 1426-1940 mm
Dimensions & Weight  
Length 3810 mm 3990 mm
Width 1840 mm 1940 mm
Height upto steering 1680 mm 1710 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 410 mm
below RT Housing
380 mm
below RT Housing
Min. Turning Radius 4.15 m 4.25 m
Weight 2270 Kg 2850 kg
1. No. of Splines 6
2. PTO Speed 540 RPM
Driver's Seat Adjustable
No. of Gear Speeds 8 Forward 2 Reverse
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
Brake Type Wet : Oil Immersed Multiple discs
Brake Actuation Mechanical, independent right/left or combined
Parking Brake Actuation Through hand lever, by locking brake pedals

Hydraulic (ADDC) : Two lever, automatic Draft and Position control with mix control.

  1. Position Control : To pre-select and automatically maintain certain position or depth of the implement attached to three-point-linkage.
  2. Draft Control : To automatically raise and lower an attached implement as the draft or resistance of the implement increases or decreases.
  3. Mix Control : To automatically maintain shallow depths in loose soils where draft control is inefficient.