This little beast is a noteworthy tractor that provides you with oil immersed brakes and high performance. It is powered by a fuel-efficient engine that is compatible and robust in use and applications. These tractors are best for all kinds of cropping like cotton, sugarcane, vineyards, and orchards.


This Tractor is really farm worthy & most fuel efficient with 34 HP Engine, 1400 KG lifting capacity, 3 cylinders and oil immersed brakes. Moreover, these tractors are kept for all kinds of cropping like cotton, sugarcane, vineyards, and orchards. The highly efficient transmission of the tractor ensures more PTO power delivering superior performance in rotary implements.


This performance inspired tractor comes with dry or oil immersed brake options, dual clutch and Mechanical/Power steering options which makes the tractor very comfortable and smooth without causing fatigue. Indo Farm 3035 DI comes with special features like adjustable driver sheet, Tow-Hook and Constant Mesh gearbox.  This makes it perfect for implements like ploughing, seed drill, harrow, puddling, haulage and much more with backup torque in case of partial load condition.


This unique tractor provides a Synchromesh Gear box with 12+12 speed, 75 HP Engine, 2600 Kg lift capacity, Power Steering, oil immersed high fuel efficiency and Independent Dual Speed PTO. It is furnished with high class technologies which makes it powerful for difficult farming applications. This tractor comes with a potent engine and innovative features. With all of these, the tractor model can easily handle almost every farming task.