Research & Development

Research is at the core of Indo Farm. We inspire & encourage our teams to keep inventing & innovating. Our dedicated researchers & engineers are constantly breaking barriers & bringing new technology. We use automation tools like AutoCAD & ProE to enable us to design and virtually simulate the components and processes.

This approach allows us to be indigenous & that’s why


  • Indigenisation of technology for manufacture of high-grade tractor engines
  • Development of indigenous engines in 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder range, used in our 3 series tractor models
  • Design of re-entrant type combustion chamber in all engines for better combustion through proper air fuel mixing resulting in low fuel consumption
  • Ring-carrier design in 3 series engines for increased piston life
  • Engines having sufficient back-up torque for deep cultivation and haulage of heavy loads on steep gradients
  • Diesel filter-cum-water separator for removal of water from diesel for enhanced life of Fuel Injection Pump
  • Pick-N-Carry cranes of 9 tonnes-30 tonnes capacity
  • Engines for Genset Applications from 15 kVa to 50 kVA
  • Diesel Gensets of 15 kVA to 50 kVA
  • Harvester Combine