7 Tips to maintain your tractor

Tractors are the heart of any farm. In India, farmers worship their farm equipment including tractors. Since it is an investment, a lot of thought and consideration goes into buying or maintaining a tractor.

To maximise the agricultural productivity of a farm, keeping your tractor hale and hearty with regular maintenance is supremely important. If you want your tractor to last long and deliver optimum performance, then make sure that you follow the below-given checklist for the maintenance of your heavy-duty equipment.

  1. Follow the user manual: No matter what tractor you buy, you will receive a user manual from the tractor manufacturer. It covers any unique maintenance requirements that your tractor may have, a maintenance schedule, specifications, the location of all equipment parts, and basic operating instructions. Reading the owner’s manual carefully will increase the tractor’s longevity.
  2. Check for Leakages: This is the most crucial element that comes under the tractor’s daily inspection and maintenance. Leaks in your tractor may lead to heavy maintenance expenses and poor performance. You must inspect your tractor for any leaks. If you discover a leak in any area of your tractor, you must get it repaired immediately.
  3. Regular lubrication: Lubrication ensures that your tractor lasts long and delivers its peak performance. Make sure to check the oil level on a regular basis and always use heavy-duty lubricants. Clean and grease the moving parts of the tractor, such as the steering wheel, throttle, brakes, clutch, or transmission gear selector.
  4. Avoid overloading your tractor: Overloading may negatively impact the performance of your tractor. Always keep the load-bearing capacity of your tractor in mind. It is best to utilise a proper size attachment for whatever project you are performing if you want your tractor to run smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Inspect the air filters: Replace the air filter, when required. You may need to change your air filter more or less regularly depending on the environment in which you use your tractor. Using the tractor’s user manual, locate the air filter and visually inspect it. It should be replaced if it is really unclean.
  6. Ensure the right tyre pressure: It is advisable to drive your tractor on the right tyre pressure. Check the air pressure of your tyres on a regular basis, depending on your use and the challenges given by the area you work on. Also, inspect your tractor tyres for cuts and breakage in the treads and walls. Using a tractor with under-inflated tyres might cause the tyres to wear out faster than they should and will also cause it to consume more fuel.
  7. Service at regular intervals: If you purchase a tractor from a reputable tractor manufacturer like Indo Farm, you will be given a maintenance schedule that gives you the right time intervals for service. Get your tractor serviced at a reputable dealer or service centre. Check to see if they utilise genuine components and offer good service to increase the tractor’s productivity and have them last longer.

If you follow these 7 maintenance tips, your tractor will last many years. This will also save you money on repairs and lost productivity. The longevity of your tractor is determined by how effectively you maintain it. To get the most out of your tractor, make sure you follow the instructions above and maintain it. 


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