12 av

Safety Features

  • EOverload audio warning system
  • ESafety brakes on hoist
  • ECylinder guard for protection
  • ECounter balance valve on lift cylinder

Special Features


Indo Power 12-42' Indo Power 12-36' Indo Power 12-29'
Model & Type Indo Farm - 3052 DI; Three Cylinder, Water Cooled Diesel Engine Rated power 50 hp max @2200 rpm.
Type Heavy duty transmission for crane application. Sliding mesh Spur teeth gearbox, Eight forward and two reverse speeds with high and low selector.
Speed (Top) 30 kmph.
Clutch Single plate, heavy duty dry friction type clutch plate especially designed for crane application.
Type Articulated power steering, hydraulically controlled through two double acting hydraulic cylinders.
Articulation upto 53°
Turning Radius 6.5 m
Steering (lock to lock) 9-11 Secs 9-11 Secs 9-11 Secs
Boom Raising 18-20 Secs 18-20 Secs 18-20 Secs
Boom Lowering 13-15 Secs 13-15 Secs 13-15 Secs
Telescoping Extension in 16-18 Secs 15-18 Secs 05-07 Secs
Telescoping Extension out 21-23 Secs 19-21 Secs 09-11 Secs
Hoist Line Speed 55 m/min. (Single Line)
Front wheel Pneumatically assisted hydraulic drum brakes.
Rear wheel Mechanical disc brakes, actuated through slave cylinders.
Parking Mechanically actuated at rear wheels.
Front 1930 mm (center of twin wheels)
Rear 1630 mm (center of wheels)
Front 11.00x20 - 16 PR (4 Nos.)
Rear 13.00x24 - 12 PR (2 Nos.)
Telescoping 3 part, box type hydraulically operated. 2 part, box type hydraulically
Derricking Through two double acting cylinders.
Hoist Four falls / Six falls with fail safe brake.
Pump Vane type hydraulic pump.
Control Valve 4 spool control valve with built in pressure relief valve for trouble free operation.
Hydraulic Filter Suction line has a 100 mesh inline strainer while return line has 25 micron full flow filter.
Type 12V Single battery negative earth.
Fuel 60 Litres 60 Litres
Hydraulic 120 Litre 100 Litres
Engine oil 7.5 Litres 7.5 Litres
Gear oil 45 Litres 45 Litres
OPERATING WEIGHT 8950 Kg 8750 Kg 8410 Kg

Indo power Crane

  • ELoad Capacity : 12T
  • EBoom Height: 12.9 m, 11.05 m, 8.86 m
  • EHorizontal reach: 9.94 m, 7.83 m, 5.34 m
  • EEngine Power: 50 hp@2200 rpm

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