How to Harvest for Maximum Yield?

What is Harvesting?

Harvesting is gathering crops at the end of the growing season. It’s the primary source of income for the farmers and a good harvest assures food security for the community.

It’s also essential for maintaining the fertility of the land, as it allows crop rotation & replenishment of the soil.

Moreover, harvesting techniques can bring maximum yield and minimize crop damage resulting in higher profits for farmers.

Preparing for Harvesting Season

Keep a Check on the Weather

Checking the weather conditions is an important check for farmers that can result in a successful harvest and minimise any potential losses. Below are the mandatory checks you need to look for:

  1. Monitoring weather forecast.
  2. Protecting your crops.
  3. Planning your harvest accurately.
  4. Safety of farm workers.

Clean & Repair Equipment

  1. Inspecting all equipment and machinery.
  2. Regular maintenance and repair could prevent breakdowns during the harvest season.
  3. Cleaning machinery helps to prevent contamination of the crops assuring the quality and standard of the crops.
  4. Saves farmers money in the long run.

Planning the Harvest

  1. Determine the number of workers and create a schedule that provides a better yield.
  2.  Choosing the right machinery for the right task.
  3. Hiring seasonal workers and or help from friends and family.

Best Harvesting Techniques

Harvesting is an active phase of farming and it’s essential to use the right techniques to ensure a successful harvest.

Below are a few techniques that farmers could use to improve their harvesting process:

  • Picking the right time
    Choosing the right time to harvest crops is the best way to ensure maximum yield. Farmers must look out for the signs such as the colour of the crops, the texture, grain coarse and ripeness to determine the right time for harvesting. Too early or too late harvesting could lead to a decrease in yield.
  • Harvesting without damaging crops
    Farmers must use equipment that is accurate for the crops being harvested. Proper operations of machinery should take place to avoid damage to the crops.
  • Proper Usage of Harvesting Machinery
    This includes cleaning and lubricating the machinery along with replacing any damaged parts. Farmers must ensure their equipment is in good condition and properly working.
  • Manual Labour
    Acknowledging smaller farms, manual labour is still a major part of harvesting and farmers must ensure the right tools to reduce the risk of injury.


Harvesting is a basic part of the farmer’s life. It is always essential to plan ahead and prepare for the season to relish a good harvest.

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