Why is Indo Farm the go-to Tractor manufacturer in India?

Despite the fact that agriculture is the foundation of the Indian economy, those who work in the industry seem to be the ones struggling the most. There is a lot of competition and uncertainty the field of agriculture. On top of that, the work is demanding and requires a lot of manual labour and equipment that is needed to do the job.

When Indo Farm was first established, the objective behind it was to manufacture a tractor that every farmer in India can afford. Over the years, Indo Farm has worked very hard to become the top choice of tractor manufacturer in India. The idea is to make quality tractors that are affordable yet dependable.

Manufacturing capacity

Indo Farm Equipment Limited is a tractor manufacturer in India based out of Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Indo Farm’s state-of-art manufacturing facility is spread over a vast area of 34 acres. With a manufacturing capacity of 18,000 tractors, 2,400 cranes and 20,000 engines per year. The good quality art foundry is equipped with induction furnaces to ensure amazing quality and uninterrupted supplies.

Research and Innovation Centre

Indo Farm Research and Innovation Centre has been blessed with specialist engineers and the best of technology to be able to provide the most efficient solutions to our customers, the farmers. The main thrust of the R&D centre is to accelerate innovation and maximize the value of each product designed to provide economic benefit to customers at large. The highly skilled and experienced manpower develop products catering to both domestic and international markets. The products undergo multiple check points for quality assurance before they go for production. They have been recognized both nationally and internationally.

Components from the best

Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and to combine that with affordability was a challenge. Which is why Indo Farm sources the components for its tractors from the best vendors in India. Parts as small as nuts and bolts are sourced to ensure quality in every detail, at every step.

Vast range for varying needs

India has a varied terrain and a variety of crops that are grown on these lands. Each type of landscape and the type of the farm has different needs that need to be catered to. In order to achieve maximum efficiency in everyday tasks, the equipment needs to be just perfect for the job. Indo Farm has different series, each of which specialises in certain areas that allow the farmer to pick a tractor that fulfils their needs.

Tractor specifications

Indo Farm tractors are known for their high value for money proposition, providing cost-effective and proficient products packed with some of the finest global technology. Synonymous with ruggedness and reliability, Indo Farm tractors are efficient and economical. Power and milage is what sets Indo Farm as one of India’s best tractor.

Financing options

With the motive of reaching every farmer, Indo Farm realises that finances is a big part of making tractors accessible. Farmers often find it difficult to invest a considerable amount of money all at once. Indo Farm also provides better financing options through their Barota Finance initiative.

It is the meticulous attention to detail and long-term planning that has made Indo Farm one of the best tractor manufacturing companies in India. Wait up for the next blog for more information.