This performance inspired tractor comes with dry or oil immersed brake options, dual clutch and Mechanical/Power steering options which makes the tractor very comfortable and smooth without causing fatigue. Indo Farm 3035 DI comes with special features like adjustable driver sheet, Tow-Hook and Constant Mesh gearbox.  This makes it perfect for implements like ploughing, seed drill, harrow, puddling, haulage and much more with backup torque in case of partial load condition.



Standard Fitments   Features Details
H.P. Range 38
Type Diesel, Four Stroke Direct Injection
No. of Cylinders 3
Bore/Stroke 105/111 mm
Compression Ratio 19:1
Rated Speed 2100 RPM
Max. Torque Speed 1200-1400 RPM
Air Cleaner Dry Type
Fuel Pump Inline, Make : Bosch India
Cooling System Water cooled
Clutch System i) Single ii) Main Clutch Disc Cerametallic
Hyd. Pump Gear Type
Lifting Capacity 1400 kgs/1500 kgs (Optional) at Lower Link Ends
Electrical 12 Volts-75 Ah-Battery
Self Starter Motor & Alternator
Tyre Front: 6.00 x 16 Rear: 12.4 x 28
Wheel Track 1355-1895 mm
Length 3600 mm
Width 1670 mm
upto steering
1615 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 385 mm below R.T. Housing
Weight 1980 kg
1. No. of Splines 6
2. PTO Speed 1000 RPM
Driver's Seat Adjustable
No. of Gear Speeds:
8 Forward 2 Reverse
Steering i) Mechanical - Recirculating ball type
ii) Power Steering (Optional)
Steering wheel dia 430 mm
Min. Turning radius 3.2 m
Brake Type i) DRY: Double disc type (190 mm dia) with parking brake lever
ii) Wet : Oil immersed multiple discs (Optional)